Risk & Safety

High Priority in Risk and Safety

Risk and Safety managment PhotoRight Angled Events takes Risk and Safety very seriously. Great event planning is about considering all of the possibilities surrounding your project, and ensuring you have the answers before you get asked the questions. When things go wrong at events, too often this is because the event organiser hasn’t considered the possibility of the incident or action occurring – almost all event failures are avoidable

In thinking about risk for events, we believe that in great event planning the focus of ‘risk’ is broader than looking only at OH&S or safety risks that most of us think of. While these are no doubt vitally important, equally deserving of attention are reputational, financial and organisational risks.

Right Angle Events can perform an assessment on risks and their impact of any project. We find it helps us to identify a range of strategies and plans we can build into the event design to ensure the smooth running of the event on the day.

Over the years we have been faced with a huge number of challenging and bizarre event circumstances all over Melbourne, but know from experience that making the risk assessment a central part of your event planning process is a major part of ensuring you have the answers on event day.