Seamless AGM Experience: Right Angle Events’ Ongoing Partnership with RSL Victoria


Over the past three years and beyond, Right Angle Events has proudly served as the trusted audiovisual production partner for RSL Victoria’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Our comprehensive services have encompassed managing the hybrid component of the event, providing technical support, ensuring pristine presentation, and securing the voting platform for a seamless AGM experience. Regular site visits, detailed run sheets, and efficient internal communication have been instrumental in delivering flawless AGMs that meet and exceed RSL Victoria’s expectations.

Hybrid Audiovisual Production Excellence:

  • Technical Expertise: Our team of skilled technicians brings extensive experience in handling complex audiovisual production for hybrid events, ensuring a seamless integration of in-person and virtual participants.
  • Pristine Presentation: We take pride in delivering the cleanest and most presentable setup, enhancing the AGM’s professionalism and impact.
  • Hybrid Integration: Our expertise in managing hybrid events allows us to seamlessly connect remote participants and facilitate their engagement during the AGM.

Securing and Supporting the Voting Platform:

  • Ensuring Security: Right Angle Events takes the utmost care in securing the voting platform to safeguard the integrity of the voting process, instilling confidence in attendees.
  • Technical Support: Our team provides real-time technical support, ensuring that the voting platform operates smoothly and accurately during the AGM.

Comprehensive Pre-Event Preparations:

  • Site Visits: To ensure meticulous planning and alignment with RSL Victoria’s expectations, our team conducts numerous site visits, understanding the venue’s layout and requirements.
  • Detailed Run Sheets and Schedule: We develop comprehensive run sheets and schedules, outlining every aspect of the AGM, ensuring a well-organised and time-efficient event.

Efficient Internal Communication:

  • Seamless Coordination: We prioritise internal communication within our team to ensure that every member is well-informed and aligned with the AGM’s requirements.
  • Real-Time Updates: By maintaining clear channels of communication, we can swiftly address any unforeseen challenges and ensure smooth coordination during the event.

Long-Term Partnership:

  • Trust and Reliability: Over the years, RSL Victoria has entrusted us with their AGM, recognising our commitment to delivering excellence and reliability.
  • Understanding RSL Victoria’s Needs: We continuously strive to understand RSL Victoria’s unique requirements, tailoring our services to align with their vision and objectives.


Right Angle Events’ ongoing partnership with RSL Victoria for their Annual General Meeting exemplifies our commitment to delivering seamless and impactful event experiences. Our comprehensive audiovisual production services, technical support, and secure voting platform have enhanced the AGM’s professionalism and engagement. Through regular site visits, detailed planning, and efficient internal communication, we have consistently ensured a flawless AGM delivery. As we continue to build on our long-term partnership, we remain dedicated to supporting RSL Victoria’s success and providing unparalleled service for their future events.