New Year’s Eve: a global community celebration representing hope, happiness and a time of new beginnings. City of Melbourne New Year’s Eve celebration is rapidly rising to takes its place on the world stage as a truly spectacular, memorable and safe event with over 500,000 people descending on Melbourne’s CBD to celebrate the evening.

In 2009, Right Angle Events were appointed to run the operations and logistics for Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve Celebration through until 2013. This involves site and venue planning, crowd, transport and traffic management, pyrotechnic firing site sourcing and coordination and constant liaison with all emergency management authorities and many high level stakeholders involved with City of Melbourne. Right Angle also provide and manage over sixty staff for the event build and delivery, including event crew, site managers and area wardens.

Alongside the development and implementation of these event components, Right Angle work closely with City of Melbourne’s appointed Risk Management consultant to ensure each and every operational detail has been refined to be as safe and low risk as possible; consistently maintaining City of Melbourne’s high standards of safety and public trust.

New Year’s Eve is a huge, multi-faceted event involving many layers of preparation and planning, and one which Right Angle are very proud to be associated with.