Crafting Impactful Event Marketing Strategies with Right Angle Events

  In the dynamic realm of event marketing, success hinges on precise execution rather than haphazard attempts. With the clock ticking and timelines to be honored, there’s no room for randomness. Event marketing demands strategic finesse, a calculated approach that resonates with the target audience and delivers value… Read More


Engrossing Events

What goes into organizing an event? What does it take to command the attention of all your guests? Not to speak about any kind of event in particular, just any event. What goes into planning an event such that it reaches out to a plethora of people from different walks… Read More


Sustainable Event Management

Sustainable event management is the art of organising events while keeping the carbon footprint low. From the materials used at the venue to cleaning processes applied for after event cleaning and all the activities in between, Right Angle Events provides tips to organize an event in a sustainable way, so… Read More


Event Planning: Try something new

Have you run out of ideas to add that extra oomph to your event? Were you looking to find a way to have an activity which is more engaging for the guests. Do you want the guests to be present in the moment and have them savor this moment filled… Read More