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After successfully winning the bid in 2005 to host what would be the largest sporting event in New Zealand history, planning begun for the spectacle that would be the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Right Angle Events were engaged by Auckland City Council in June 2007 to consult on a series of planning projects for the future delivery of the RWC. During this phase, Right Angle developed the project vision, aims and goals on behalf of the events team, and prepared an overarching strategic direction document for approval by Auckland City Council. This process involved working with all areas of council likely to be impacted or benefit from the RWC program of activity, including tourism, economic development, community development, asset management, council operations, arts & culture and of course events.

The projects worked on by Right Angle included development of the “Live Site” event concept to be implemented within Auckland during the event, the construction and delivery of major scoping and budgetary exercises for the Auckland City and regional councils, and the plan for all operational concepts across the region during the event.

On completion of this consultation, Right Angle were further engaged throughout 2011 to undertake a peer review of more than 35 Auckland Council event projects and policies related to the delivery of RWC 2011.

Throughout this process Right Angle produced numerous reports and formal documents for a wide variety of audiences, including councillors, stakeholders, media and the local community.