Design & Consultancy


Design and Consultancy Melbourne

At Right Angle Event Management Melbourne, we offer you with the latest in design and consultancy. The initial planning of an event can feel overwhelming from the beginning, which is where the professionals at Right Angle are able to provide you with best solutions to help you build and achieve your event’s desired outcomes.

We uncover the emergent trends influencing the future of your market and translate them into tangible business opportunities. We track the macro and micro changes affecting your market and translate them into insights that can be applied to product design, service design, business strategy and technical development.

Our support services in Melbourne include but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing all supportive documentation.
  • Development and delivery of workshops and training for staff.
  • Appraisal of existing operational plans.
  • Strategic planning tools for you event.
  • Development of organisational project plans.
  • Production of concept, budget, and or operational planning documents.

For all your design and consultancy services in Melbourne contact the experts at Right Angle Event Management and we will work with you, towards achieving your goals and taking your event to a new height of success.