Event planning is complex. From concept creation and strategic planning to sponsorship management and budgeting, we can help you deliver a stellar event.


We organise a range of events – from outdoor fundraisers and charity functions to corporate galas and conferences.


Entertainment sourcing.

Whether you’re looking for live musicians or a keynote speaker, DJ or MC, we have established relationships with many professional performers that will help elevate your event.


Sponsorship and brand activation.

We can design and implement a marketing plan to reach your target audience and help you source financial partners.

Support from event planning and conception through to delivery.


Risk assessment.

We can perform a risk assessment on any project. This helps us build strategies and plans into the event design to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Large-scale event planning.

We can assist with everything from programming, budgeting and booking venues to equipment hire, catering and contingency planning.
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Organising a large-scale event with a moving target was no easy feat, but we put our walking shoes on and got going.
City Of Casey Festival Events


We can scale your event.

Whether you’re planning a boutique corporate function, product launch or major event, our team has the experience and resources to ensure its success. We tailor our events to your needs and draw on our network of suppliers to scale our services up or down as required. No event is too big or too complex for our professional events management team.

Our attention to detail is next-level.

We pride ourselves on not just our big-picture thinking, but our attention to all the little things that make a big difference. We take care of every tiny detail of your event, and deliver events that run seamlessly from start to finish.

We have the industry knowledge and experience.

We have years of experience in the industry. Combined with our in-depth knowledge of logistical and operational requirements, our valuable connections in the events sector mean we know just who to contact for every aspect of your event.

City Of Casey Festival Events

At Right Angle Events, event planning is not just a service; it’s an art that we have honed to perfection. The ever-evolving nature of events demands adaptability and creativity. This involves aligning elements like venue selection, entertainment, and branding to create a cohesive experience. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every facet of your event reflects the vision and purpose behind it. With our finger on the pulse of the latest trends, technologies, and industry best practices, we incorporate innovative ideas that give your event an edge and make it memorable for all attendees.

In an age where experiences are paramount, event planning with Right Angle Events means crafting memorable moments. Our commitment to excellence remains the same, no matter the scale of the event. Whether it is a small, intimate gathering or a grand gala, the heart and soul we put into what we do remain unchanged.

We understand that an event is an extension of your brand or cause, and we strive to embody and amplify this. We curate experiences, not just events. Our network of suppliers and entertainers and our logistical prowess ensure that the ambience, décor, entertainment, and execution are in perfect harmony.

However, what we offer is about more than just what you see on the surface. The success of an event lies in meticulous planning and seamless execution behind the scenes. Our risk assessment ensures that we have contingency plans for every possible scenario. This comprehensive planning means we are always ahead and ready to tackle any challenges head-on. This approach to event planning ensures not just the success but the brilliance of your event. Our planning considers not just the present but the future, ensuring your event is not just relevant but groundbreaking.


Choosing Right Angle Events goes beyond event planning. It’s about creating lasting impressions. Our distinctive advantage lies in the harmony between creativity and execution. While many focus on either, we master both.

Our solutions are as unique as our clients. Our commitment to your vision is unwavering from concept creation to the final applause. Our industry knowledge and vast network ensure we have the best resources at our disposal. But what really sets us apart is our passion.

At Right Angle Events, your success is our success, and we leave no stone unturned in making your event a landmark of excellence.


How long does it take to plan an event?

For smaller scale events events such as seasonal events, ribbon cuttings, information sessions and networking events, we can usually plan your event within three months.

For slightly bigger events such as panel discussions, workshops, open days and family days, three to six months planning time is required.

If you’re launching a product or wanting to deliver a seminar, conference or charity event, please allow six to nine months planning time. Not-for-profit events, festivals, exhibitions, touring events, big conferences and other large scale events generally need to be planned at least a year in advance.

Do we need event insurance?

We recommend that you insure your event to protect you and your guests from the unexpected. The venue will usually have their own insurance, but this is unlikely to cover additional equipment and potential cancellation fees. Most venues will ask to see a public liability policy in case of damages or negligence of guests.

Do you organise events outside of Melbourne?

Yes! We certainly do. We organise events Australia-wide and internationally.

What happens if we need to cancel our event?

Please check the terms and conditions regarding deposits and payments in your supplier agreement form. Consider looking into event cancellation insurance to ensure you’re not out of pocket for lost deposits should you need to cancel your event.

We can organise our own event. Can you help us with event delivery and staffing?

Absolutely. We can assist with organising your event from end to end, or we can simply lend our expertise and resources in the specific areas where you require extra support. We can provide a range of professionals such as event coordinators, stage managers and technical directors.

Can you help with council permit application and event plans?

Yes. Arranging permits and plans is a large component of having your event approved by your local council. We can support you with creating documentation such as event plans, first aid plans, noise plans, traffic and pedestrian planning, site plans, event schedules, risk management plans, infrastructure plans and more.

Can you help with risk management?

Yes. Identifying and describing your risk management plan is a big part of securing insurance for your event and ensuring that you have the right cover. You’ll also need a risk management plan when applying for local council permits, and your suppliers will need to be aware of the plan as it relates to their component of the event.

Why hire an event agency when we can organise the event ourselves?

One of the key benefits of engaging an agency to plan and organise an event is that we are connected to a vast network of suppliers, venues, local council members, volunteers, event contractors and other professionals in the industry. Having organised countless events, we are also brimming with practical and creative solutions to any problem that arises, and we’ll bring to your attention the small yet important details you might miss.

What is a contingency plan, and do we need one?

A contingency plan is a financial safety net, and you should have one. We endeavour to think of everything during the planning and budgeting phase of event organisation, but we also suggest including a contingency budget to cover unexpected costs such as bonds, reinstatement costs (for local council parks), extra signage, broken event infrastructure or last minute additions.