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Right Angle Events team

As event planners, our aim is to create exceptional events and memorable experiences.

We are a highly motivated, skilled and passionate team of global event planners, conference organisers, technical producers and project management professionals with years of unparalleled experience. Together, we specialise in creating large-scale events. Our skills in cultivating relationships with both clients and industry professionals allow us to deliver highly professional events that land with your target audience.

Who we are.

Nine years ago in Melbourne, Right Angle Events began a new chapter. The company, previously recognised for its events, saw a change in direction with Alain and Chantelle at the helm. Alain, drawing from his early experiences in event production, paired with Chantelle’s strategic approach from her event management background, set out to refine the brand.

Their mutual background in event studies became a cornerstone for their partnership. They worked to enhance Right Angle Events, combining Alain’s technical
skills with Chantelle’s strategic planning.

At first, they tackled a variety of projects, adapting and learning. By 2021, they hit their stride.

Today, Right Angle Events stands as a trusted event management firm. They’ve transitioned from managing a handful of events each year to being recognised for their methodical and team-oriented approach. Their projects, ranging from collaborations with organisations like the Cancer Council to local community events, are marked by their attention to detail and the fact they think of everything.

In a multi-faceted event industry, Right Angle Events stands out due to its expertise, core values, and consistent commitment to quality.

Right Angle Events Chantelle Alain mix

Our values.

Unified Vision

Right Angle Events believes in the power of collective creativity. By fostering a collaborative environment, they harness diverse insights to craft unparalleled event experiences.

Pursuit of Excellence

Mediocrity is not in their vocabulary. Right Angle Events is driven by a relentless quest for perfection, ensuring every event is a testament to their dedication to quality and impact.

Deep-rooted Commitment

Relationships are the lifeblood of their business. With a genuine dedication to their team and clients, they go above and beyond to nurture connections that stand the test of time.

Pioneering Spirit

In a constantly evolving industry, Right Angle Events stands at the forefront of innovation. They challenge conventions, seeking fresh perspectives to elevate every event they touch.


Our unwavering commitment to making lasting memories is at the core of our event philosophy, ensuring that every event we plan becomes a cherished memory for you and your guests.

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