We are a highly motivated, skilled and passionate team of global event planners, conference organisers, technical producers and project management professionals with years of unparalleled experience. Together, we specialise in creating large-scale events. Our skills in cultivating relationships with both clients and industry professionals allow us to deliver highly professional events that land with your target audience.


As an event agency specialising in corporate, government, and community events, our focus is on delivering seamless and impactful experiences. From careful planning and budget optimisation to efficient logistics and innovative technology use, we ensure each event runs smoothly.

Our results go beyond successful events; they include enhanced brand image, positive stakeholder relationships, and measurable success metrics. For government and community events, we aim for meaningful engagement and compliance with regulations. Our goal is to contribute to the overall success and positive impact of our clients in various sectors through well-executed and memorable events.

At Right Angle Events, our ‘why’ is rooted in the belief that every event is an opportunity to create meaningful connections and lasting memories. Our journey as a passionate husband-and-wife team, scaling from humble beginnings to handling high-profile projects, is driven by a commitment to excellence and a genuine love for crafting exceptional experiences.

We exist to transform ordinary events into extraordinary moments, leveraging our strategic event planning, precise logistics management, and a dedicated focus on community and government engagement. Our purpose is clear: to align events with broader strategies, eliminate logistical stress, and build positive connections within the community. With Right Angle Events, every event becomes a purposeful and seamless journey, leaving a lasting impact on our clients and their audiences.

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Unified Vision

Right Angle Events believes in the power of collective creativity. By fostering a collaborative environment, they harness diverse insights to craft unparalleled event experiences.

Pursuit of Excellence

Mediocrity is not in their vocabulary. Right Angle Events is driven by a relentless quest for perfection, ensuring every event is a testament to their dedication to quality and impact.

Deep-rooted Commitment

Relationships are the lifeblood of their business. With a genuine dedication to their team and clients, they go above and beyond to nurture connections that stand the test of time.

Pioneering Spirit

In a constantly evolving industry, Right Angle Events stands at the forefront of innovation. They challenge conventions, seeking fresh perspectives to elevate every event they touch.


Our unwavering commitment to making lasting memories is at the core of our event philosophy, ensuring that every event we plan becomes a cherished memory for you and your guests.

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