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Your Vision, Our Expertise, Unforgettable Events

Transforming Corporate Events Elevate Engagement, Foster Connections, and Drive Success with Right Angle Events.

Your Vision, Our Expertise, Unforgettable Events

Transforming Corporate Events Elevate Engagement, Foster Connections, and Drive Success with Right Angle Events.

Do you….

Struggle with high staff
turnover and difficulty attracting top talent?

Craft events that resonate,

leaving an emotional imprint that last long after the curtains close?

Facing customer attrition and weakened loyalty?

Battling low morale, disengagement, and reduced productivity?

Struggling to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Navigating intense market

competition and revenue plateaus?

Overcoming the frustration of missed

opportunities and reigniting
the excitement of business growth?

Do you need….

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Expertise: In the complex landscape of Corporate Events specialised knowledge is crucial.

Our expertise translates to events that resonate with your audience,
showcasing your brand’s authority.

Efficiency: Time is a valuable resource, especially in a fast-paced industry like corporate, manufacturing
and non for profit.

This streamlined approach
allows for a harmonious
integration of events into your overall business strategy.

Innovation: The corporate and
manufacturing industry is dynamic, and events need to reflect this innovation.

Staying ahead in the
competitive manufacturing
sector requires events that
break the mold and leave a memorable impression.

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What we do for you

Tailored Events: You’ll receive
meticulously planned events
that align seamlessly with the nuances of the
Manufacturing and non-for-profit sector. Every detail
will be curated to reflect your brand’s identity,
ensuring a personalised and impactful experience for your audience.

Time Savings: Our services free up your
team’s time, allowing them
to concentrate on core
business operations.

The efficiency we bring
to event management
ensures that you get the maximum value from
your investment without
diverting crucial internal resources.

Cutting-Edge Experiences:
Expect innovative event solutions
that go beyond the ordinary.
Your brand will be associated with forward-thinking
and modern approaches, creating a lasting impression
on attendees.

These cutting-edge experiences set you
apart in a competitive manufacturing landscape.

By partnering with us, your company gains tailored events, time efficient

Why are these important?

Brand Consistency and Image: Tailored events ensure that every aspect, from visuals to messaging, aligns with your brand identity.
Consistency reinforces brand recognition and trust among your audience,
vital in the competitive corporate manufacturing sector.

Resource Optimisation: Time is a valuable resource. Our services allow your internal teams to focus on core business functions,
enhancing productivity. This optimised use of resources contributes
to overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Competitive Edge: In the corporate, manufacturing and not-for-profit landscape, standing out is crucial.
Cutting-edge experiences elevate your brand, showcasing innovation and a commitment to excellence.
This competitive edge can be a deciding factor in attracting clients, partners, and top talent.

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What impact this has for you

Reduced Stress and Overhead: By us handling the intricate details of event planning,
we significantly reduce the stress and workload on you. This allows them to focus on critical business aspects
without the burden of organising complex events.

Enhanced Brand Reputation: Successful events elevate the brand reputation of your clients.
The positive experiences you create contribute to a favorable perception among stakeholders, clients, and employees.
This can lead to increased trust and loyalty, positively impacting the overall business.

Time for Core Business Functions: Your services free up valuable time for corporate leaders to concentrate on core business functions.
This time optimisation results in improved efficiency, strategic planning, and better decision-making,
ultimately contributing to the company’s growth and success.

Strengthened Client Relationships: Well-executed events provide opportunities for client engagement and relationship-building.
Networking in a positive and enjoyable environment can lead to stronger client connections, potential collaborations,
and increased business opportunities.

Employee Morale and Productivity: For corporate, manufacturing businesses, engaged and motivated employees are crucial.
Events organised to foster team cohesion and celebrate achievements contribute
to higher morale and increased productivity among staff.

Events we deliver


Major Events

Recruit the help of an events management company that specialises in large scale functions.

charity events

Charity Events

From project design and planning to management and execution, we can take care of every aspect of your not-for-profit or charity event.

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Corporate Events

Whether it’s a work Christmas party, gala night, AGM or professional conference, we have plenty of experience in creating engaging corporate events.

MTKG and Great Southern Bank’s brand activation at the MCG

Product Launches & Brand Activations

We roll out product launches and brand activations with events that make a splash.

conferences exhibitions events

Conferences & Exhibitions

We can take care of everything conference and exhibition planning – from venue scouting, budgeting and marketing to website design and audio-visual production.

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Bespoke Events

Our event organisation skills make your next bespoke event a dream.


Discover our Event Mastery service

Are you ready to elevate your
corporate events to new heights?
Our Platinum Corporate Experience Package is crafted
exclusively for
executives, directors, and middle management
seeking seamless and impactful events that align with corporate goals.

What’s Included:

Strategic Consultation:

In-depth consultation to understand your corporate objectives and event vision.

Collaborative ideation session to align the event with your brand and leadership goals.

Custom Event Planning:

Comprehensive event planning tailored to your specifications.

Detailed project plan outlining milestones, timelines, and key deliverables.

Logistics Mastery:

Full-service event logistics, from venue selection to transportation coordination.

Expert handling of technical requirements, ensuring a flawless execution.

Executive Networking Opportunities:

Curated opportunities for executives to connect with industry leaders.

Exclusive networking sessions designed to foster meaningful connections.

Branding and Marketing Integration:

Strategic integration of your brand into every aspect of the event.

To maximise event visibility and impact.

Post-Event Analysis:

Thorough analysis of event outcomes against predefined objectives.

Insights and recommendations for future events based on performance.

Why Choose the Platinum Experience?

Elevate Your Brand: Craft events that resonate with your corporate identity.

Seamless Execution: From planning to delivery, we handle every detail.

Strategic Networking: Forge connections that matter for your business.

Measurable Impact: Track and Analise the success of your corporate events.

Exclusive Access: Enjoy priority access to industry-leading event expertise.

Why Choose the Platinum Experience?.

Invest in Excellence. Elevate Your Events with Right Angle Events.

Ready to transform your corporate events? Contact us today to book the Platinum Corporate Experience Package and unlock the full potential of your events.

Ready to chat to our team about your next event?

Why Choose Us

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We can scale your event.

We prioritise understanding your unique culture, ensuring a tailored approach that resonates with your audience.

We collaborate seamlessly with internal teams, complementing your expertise for a synergistic outcome.

Icon indicating attention to detail

Our attention to detail is next-level.

We pride ourselves on not just our big-picture thinking, but our attention to all the little things that make a big difference. We take care of every tiny detail of your event, and deliver events that run seamlessly from start to finish.

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We have the industry knowledge and experience.

We have years of experience in the industry. Combined with our in-depth knowledge of logistical and operational requirements, our valuable connections in the events sector mean we know just who to contact for every aspect of your event.


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