Do’s and Don’ts of a Product launch event                 
How a company launches a new product can be as important to its success as the characteristics of the product itself. There is no point in producing a ground breaking, useful new device if no one ever hears about its existence. The present environment, where everybody is persistently bombarded with news from many sources, makes it really hard to snatch the consideration of your potential clients. As a result, the product launch is a crucial opportunity to make an impact and start people talking about your product. The principal thing to note is that, while a well executed product launch will undoubtedly help to get your product noticed, it can’t be the entirety of your launch strategy. Here are some dos and don’ts when organising your launch event.

Don’t neglect the timing: If your occasion coincides with another major event in your industry then you will be overlooked. The summer months are regularly an awful time to run a launch event as many people are on holiday. For a considerable measure of items, the build up to the festive season is a good time to launch as it gives the product exposure just as people are thinking about buying presents. Similarly, it makes sense to launch seasonal products just prior to the season in which they will be in demand.

Do use social media to promote your product:  By building anticipation for your event you make it more likely  that audience will then react by putting out their own social media  posts before during or after the event. Instead of focusing on building followers on the social media networks, your aim should be to engage with key influencers among the audience for your product and getting them excited.

Don’t invite any Tom, Dick or Harry to your launch event: Your guest list should consist of the people who will help make or break your product in the marketplace. These will incorporate writers, bloggers and experts who will help other people to choose the benefits of your product. You should also invite prospective clients in order to persuade them that your product is something that they want to purchase.

Do focus on the style of the event: The sort of event that you run should be managed by the product that you are launching and the brand values of your organization. If you are launching a product that is targeted at people in their late teens and early twenties then a formal cocktail party is probably not the best choice for the product launch.

Do choose your venue carefully: If you are aiming for a classy launch party then the venue needs to be appropriate. Similarly, if the product that you’re launching relates to barbecues, a launch in a fancy hotel is probably not the way to go. In addition, it often makes sense to try to pick a venue that is a bit different. This will help your event to stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, an event at a trade show will ensure that your target audience is present, but you might face stiff competition from other product launches at the same event.

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