In a society where people interact with a screen more than with other humans or any other living being for that matter, we need to understand how to effectively use this platform. Digitisation affects the marketing world in ways never dreamed of before, thus event marketing can be done in many new ways. There are a few key pointers to keep in mind about the digital world. Right Angle Events briefly discuss a few.

Social Media

Social media apps changed the face of marketing completely. The paper has been replaced by a screen that is ever present in front of a human and is ever changing. Apps like Facebook and Instagram now sell their digital space. Digital space is available to rent for anybody who is ready to pay for it. These apps track and record consumer behaviour and thus form a database of products and services they are likely to have a need for. Companies that have products and services to offer can access this database and use it to flash related ads on the screens of the selected users. This is a growing trend in marketing and people are quickly learning how to use it. Social media offers not just advertisements, but also opportunities to open up accounts and display to the world your event services for free! If used correctly, social media can have a huge impact on brand traction, likeability and brand acceptance.


Websites have become the face of any company. Having a website is not just about showing the brand to the world, it has become about making a statement. Consumers make their first impressions about a brand just by looking at their website.

Internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT) is known as the father of digitisation. The IoT makes all online presence possible, including social media and websites. Right from offering customised location-based maps leading to the venue and digital check-ins to allocating parking spaces using Artificial Intelligence, the IoT can successfully help in event management.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has brought about a revolution in viewing. With immersive experiences, real estate and gaming companies are extensively using this technology to provide viewers a better experience of their products.

There are a lot of different ways digitisation affects event management and Right Angle Events have in-depth knowledge about it. Right Angle Events offer a full range of event marketing and management services in Melbourne. Feel free to contact us by giving a call at 03 9702 9003/043 805 1134 or email us at