Organising an event can be overwhelming and a little daunting for first timers. Hence, Right Angle Events have listed important things to look out for while planning your very first event.

Choose the right target audience
The marketing responsibility should be given to a company that understands what the needs are and in accordance with the event, the audience must be chosen. For a corporate event, it won’t be ideal to invite people not aware of the corporate world. Knowing and understanding the theme and vision of the event will assist in deciding the invite list.

Do justice to the marketing duties
The target audience must be understood. Different audiences use different social platforms and respond to advertisements differently. For example, millenials use more of Instagram and a broker will use more of LinkedIn or blog posts. This understanding will drive the choice for event marketing tools which could cause major changes in the deliverance and response to marketing moves across platforms.

Honesty is the best policy
While marketing any given entity, it is common to show a mountain where there is a hill. It is necessary to overcome this need and show content for what it is. Any event attendee or potential customer can be permanently turned off or disappointed with a brand on finding a box of confetti in place of useful products and can harm the image of the company through negative word of mouth marketing.

It is always better to control the number of attendees. This guarantees a uniform experience for everybody and thus satisfied responses. Moreover, at events like concerts, controlling the number also guarantees reduced chances of fights and systematic entry and exit of the crowds. All in all, managing a limited number of people is a straighter task than managing an unknown number of people.

Having a showstopper cannot be emphasised enough. The showstopper does not have to be a person, in case of a concert it could be a flamboyant display of fireworks or in case of an indoor /corporate event, it could be a live chef or a fondue fountain. Showstopper content will have the people talking about it for days. Even if people just talk about the showstopper it still means marketing of the event to a wider reach.

These tips will go a long way while organising any kind of event. For any other assistance, you can find us at or feel free to contact us by giving a call at 03 9702 9003/043 805 1134 or email us at