In a world thriving online, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs are eager to touch base face to face to make an impression. An event planner’s role is very critical- to create an atmosphere interesting enough to capture and hold the attention of an audience hugely distracted by the Internet. In a world where humans look at a screen more than at other human faces, that is not a meagre task, much less crafting a personalised experience. There are growing trends that are effective and ever changing. Right Angle Events have listed few emerging trends and factors to pay attention to while planning your next event.

In a society that is just waking up to realise the damage that has been done to the environment, nobody wants to be associated with a company that has a heavy carbon footprint. A strong, but true statement.

The food

Food has always been one of man’s favourite distractions and will continue to be. To a chunk of the audience at any event, the food matters a whole lot. With international events, people want to eat the local cuisine of the place, prepared in the same manner as the locals would. There are a lot of such factors governing the impression that food makes on an attendee such as if it was prepared in an environmentally friendly way, if the kitchen is hygienic, the presentation, the aroma, the seating arrangement and the presentability of the staff.


Growth and diversity go hand in hand. Individuals have realised that there is more than one way to approach and tackle a situation. Respect for contrasting views has increased. Even business owners lend an ear to people that have an opinion of how they would operate and market the same business.


The digital world has got people addicted to have their own way with everything they do. People are looking for personalisation on a whole new level. From personalised meal plans to personalised experiences at events, this makes consumers feel like they are being paid attention to and this increases interest.

Networking opportunity

Does the event give the people networking opportunity? Does the event give sufficient interaction time? How diverse are the topics and the attendees? Having renowned individuals from the industry to attend your event can motivate the right target audience to attend your event.

Paying attention to the emerging trends is vital to organise quality events that send across a message clearly. Understanding the needs of the people is vital to being able to give them what they want.

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