Why does food play a major role in event planning? food can be an important factor that will add value to the event. In what way? If the food is too good, the attendees will be talking about the food more than the event ( not if it is a food tasting in the first place ). If the food is too bad, people will be talking about how bad the food was and how the managers of such an event should pay more attention to the refreshments they make available for their attendees. If the food is great but it is presented in a very shabby way or the seating arrangement is not right, then people will not appreciate it. Event attendees are looking for some out of the box culinary experience, not just the usual takeout menu. Food can make or break your event.

Right Angle Events discuss few ideas that will help you present the correct food:

Traditional dishes. If you are organizing an event that has attendees from outside the country, there is a good chance they will want to try the local cuisine of the city. They want to taste “the earth” of the place. In addition to that they want to taste the real heart of the food. This means they want to eat the traditional dishes that have been cooked in traditional vessels the way the locals cook it. This makes the food experience worth remembering.
Information. Letting the attendees know where the food on their plate is coming from is a subtle way to let them know how much effort you have put into that one plate.
Budget. Delicious and fancy food can be served- at a price, the trick is to serve the taste and the quality of food on a budget that is pocket friendly and not visibly cheap at the same time.
Time. Keeping the time in mind when you plan the menu is very important. How much time you have on your hands and what time of the day it is can dictate if your can serve drinks or not. Starters must be served well in time before the main course such that the starters do not clash with the timings for the main course.
Professional Chefs on display. A great way to show the attendee what exactly is on their plate is to let the chefs do a little bit of fancy cooking in front of the attendees. Just looking at the food being prepared builds appetite and also adds the seal of approval that the food they are being served is fresh off the pan.
Presentation. Everybody likes to show off on social media if they ate a fancy looking dish. Your event will be marketed for free by the attendees themselves if your presentation is fancy enough for them to brag about on social media. Innovative things like fondue fountains have been done and have gained popularity.
Hygiene. This is a very important factor for a lot of people and most people will be put off the food if they see a rat or a cockroach anywhere near their food area. This includes not just the kitchen, but also the dining area. The waiters and the people serving the food in case of a buffet must be and look clean. Use of gloves is never a bad thing. It may look obscene but it is better to wear gloves than to serve someone their food with dirty hands.
Seating arrangement. Last but not the least, the seating arrangement must be just as well planned out as the menu because if everything is great but a few guests are left standing with a plate full of food in their hands then they can be put off the whole culinary experience.

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