“Good Food = Good Mood”

Catering is an essential element for planning a cohesive event. The food needs to flow with your theme and also with the type of event. Here, Right Angle Events has highlighted important points to set the mood right for your next event.


Many events make mistakes with catering. While catering for a corporate event, it is imperative to get the catering/bartending right. The food and drinks should suit the occasion and aim of the event. For example, at a product launch of any corporate, the drinks should comprise of champagne, wine and other drinks that are used for celebrations. A champagne bottle being popped during the announcement of the product is a very basic gesture but it sure does make for a great photo/video and thus a memorable moment.

The food

The food must be such that it is not at all messy to consume – being a corporate event, you can expect most of the audience to eat with a fork and knife. Foods which make people drowsy – like rice should be avoided because it is important to keep the audience paying attention to the event. The food choices made can have a deep impact on the overall event because if you overdo it, the food takes away the glory of the event but if you underdo it, then all that people will talk about is how bad the food was. Hygiene is a very important factor to be kept in mind and the caterers should look and be clean.

Be creative

Watching a chef or bartender do live performance is an interactive way to engage your audience and spread the news creative flair that you can add to people’s events. To try something new you could call celebrity chefs and take a public poll on what should be cooked right there live, in front of the audience, or a bartender that can mix drinks flamboyantly.

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