Wondering whether your post will reach your target audience or go unnoticed on social media? Right Angle Events have a few tips that will help you reach your marketing goals and connect with target audience.

Which platform?

Different social media platforms reach their audience in different ways. Instagram uses images as the primary way to connect with their audience, while twitter uses written posts as their primary way to reach their audience. Both platforms use hashtags extensively as well! You need a formal approach to promote an event on LinkedIn.

Knowing your target audience is essential

It is imperative to know what your audience is and if you are reaching out to the people you intend to. If you are planning a B2B event, you should use LinkedIn, as it will reach other businesses better than instagram and snapchat. If you are organizing a concert, Instagram or Snapchat will give you the kind of reach LinkedIn would not be able to provide. The major difference in the two events is the target audience and if you know your target audience you know where to start.

Create a hashtag

In digital space, hashtags work wonders. You need to come up with a hashtag that speaks to your audience. If your event is aimed towards teenagers, you need to come up with something that is funky, catchy yet informative. On the other hand, if your target is corporations then you need to come up with a serious yet catchy hashtag.

Engaging images

An image gives the viewer a brief presumption if they will be interested to know more so it can be a key deciding factor if your target audience clicks on it. This is a fast paced world, especially online. People have a thousand things to distract them from your page. A page with written paragraphs and no images won’t create the engagement.

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