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Event planning: Sustainable events

Glass Garbage

The world is facing major environmental changes and human behaviour is at the crux of it. Sustainable events not only help reduce carbon footprint, but also help explore a new side of organising events. The preparations must be made in such a way to adhere to the terms of sustainability but offer the same level of comfort. Here let us discuss the outline of this new approach to events.


  • Global warming is a major world problem that cannot be fought with ammunition and countries all over the world are starting to realise that.
  • The human capacity to produce waste is increasing with each advance in different fields but the waste disposal methods remain the same with little improvements. This has led to the formation of a huge floating patch of garbage in the Atlantic and humans cannot do anything about it.
  • Companies all over the world would like to associate themselves with the movement of sustainability.
  • Sustainable event planners are appreciated. With events, there is a lot of waste produced and this just adds to the problem. Therefore, the idea of sustainable events is gaining traction. Plastics are being replaced with all kinds of options available to man. For example, straws are being replaced with foldable steel straws, plastic cups are being replaced with steel ones and spoons with stainless steel spoons and so on. Disposing the waste in the right place is an action that must be given importance to because after everybody has departed what remains is the waste. Even with the best of efforts, with any kind of event, there is inevitably some waste which is recyclable and must be disposed of correctly.
  • Conscious efforts must be taken to organise common transport for the attendees, if possible, to help reduce carbon emissions.
  • In a bid to further reduce carbon footprint, paperwork can be replaced with screens. With minimal paperwork, digital presentations and meetings can be made which greatly helps tackle the paper problem. Even though paper is recyclable, a lot of resources are spent just to produce paper for it to be used as a waste and recycled again. This in turn is a huge waste of not only a lot of trees, but also of resources. Thus, screens are the widely accepted sustainable option to keep paperwork to a minimum.
  • As a souvenir, attendees should receive a conscious gift that replaces an everyday item that is harmful to our environment. This souvenir serves two purposes, firstly, it instils the idea of sustainability in the mind of the attendee and motivates them to make more changes, and secondly it serves as a reminder about the brand that has portrayed the idea of sustainability in such a practical way.


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