Venue forms an essential part of event planning along with other essentials such as catering, theme and entertainment. A bad venue choice could spoil the whole experience for your guests. A bad choice of venue could also affect future events with unhappy clients, no referrals and damage the reputation of your company.

The right venue should be selected by first making a list of important criteria which takes the reason of the event and attendees into consideration. A thorough research should be conducted to collect information for evaluation of venues. Right Angle Events has put together some key points for selecting your next right venue.

When selecting a venue, it is important to give equal attention to negative reviews. Reviews about the venue can be gathered both online and offline. Some of the really good online sources are Facebook, yelp, twitter and google searches. One can also skim through industry specific websites where the reviews are from the guests and there you also have access to planners.

Trust your gut instinct about a venue. Your first impress is always right. If you do not receive good treatment from the venue staff during the first point of contact, you should think twice about the venue. Every little detail counts in the event management industry. It is also important to see that the venue staff listens more during your first interaction. A professional venue provider and always asks the most important questions about the theme of your event and what all could they provide to you to make the venue the right choice for you.

Make sure to be really observant when visiting the venues. Cracks or holes, water stains on the ceiling, dirty carpets, door hinges that require oiling, unbearable odor from the washroom and light bulbs which need to be replaced say quite a lot about the venue. These little details shouldn’t be missed as the guests would be at the venue for only for a few hours, thus it is important to look into every bit. Outdated décor should be a big no as it can be easily spotted by guests.

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