A very overlooked fact: the venue at which you organize your event can be a deciding factor as to how many people will attend. Statistics say that 80% of humans will not attend an event if they feel travelling to the location will be a hassle. There are many factors that will drive your decision to choose a venue. Keeping the following things in mind will help:

1. Keep a track of local traffic times. Generally, in any metropolitan city, corporate traffic is heavy between 5pm and 8pm and 8am and 11am. It is better to avoid these timings than to expect people to go through this traffic to attend your event. Chances are, people will choose not to attend your event or even if they attend, they won’t be able to pay proper attention to the event.

2. The venue should compliment the theme and vibe of the event. Different events call for different venues. Ideally, one cannot organise a corporate event in an open lawn. In the same way, a concert is better organised outdoors.

3. If you know of any attendees travelling from far, reach out personally and offer guidance/assistance about the best traffic free routes to the venue.

4. The venue should be accessible easily by road and if not, required arrangements should be made.

5. Decoration. The venue should be decorated such that it oozes the theme of the event. This helps to create and maintain a mood for the guests and keeps them focussed on the theme.

To make sure that the venue is up to the mark, a lot of other factors need to be ticked off and those can be very personal, like who are the attendees and if there are any elderly that need help, any specific routes leading to the venue that are closed must be notified to the attendees in advance and if a destination event is being planned, then the destination should be in the budget and easy to travel with providing information to avoid any sort of last minute hassles such as issuing visas.

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