Venue locations have evolved since the beginning of event planning. People love to experiment and experience new and different themes. This has widened the choices of venue locations for a theme. There have been considerable rise creative venue locations. For offering complete engagement for the guests, the venue locations are chosen beyond the standard venues to be able to create interactive and memorable experiences. The focus has move to telling a story through your event, thus making venue location choices a little challenging activity of event planning.

Venue locations can be leisure friendly. With the increase in business trips, the guests are inclined toward enjoying the work/life balance. Hence, choosing venue locations which allow the guests to explore the destination/city in their spare time in between the event activities would make the event leisure friendly. There are several factors that need to be considered such as the possibility to indulge in the culture, proximity to nightlife and the varied options for adventures.

Venue locations to be chosen for event planning will also be required to focus on sustainable practices. Event planning team should be more aware of sustainable practices as the attendees have been taking sustainability seriously. Hence, it will be important to choose a venue location with sustainable certifications, energy efficient, offering local food and ways to minimize carbon footprint. The event planning team needs to put in that extra effort and not just replace plastic straws to show their dedication the environment and sustainable practices.

Finally, it is essential to choose venue locations which are artistic in nature. Artistic venues ensure that they are social media worthy with backdrops which can be featured on Instagram. Bringing in a unique artistic perspective to a venue location will help to create memorable, Instagram-worthy events.

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