Don’t we all just love watching 3-D movies, let alone be 4-D? While most movies we watch tend to remain in our thoughts for a few hours to may be even days, however, what actually impacts our brains for a longer time are the 4-Dimensional movies that take us through a virtual experience of being physically present in those scenarios and facing the same issues as those heroes and villains in your favorite movie!

This latest technology has recently gained popularity in the marketing and advertising industry. Over the past few years, various brands have noticed a significant influence that ‘experiential marketing’ or ‘engagement marketing’ tends to create over standard exhibition stalls. This kind of marketing strategy not only helps provide potential customers a spot for enjoyment but also helps pose an impact on their brains for a longer period of time as such experiences build memories of laughter and fun, it often even brings people together to take off their minds from usual errands and engage in some leisure activity. This can be in the form of pop-up street art, creative 3-D displays and even enormous walk-throughs. They attract various audiences in no time, such as that of passing-by pedestrians, kids and tourists who love clicking photographs in order to add to the memories of their visit. So imagine your brand name printed on such pop-up art and exhibitions. What better way to advertise your brand, isn’t it? There you go, and you thought brand advertising is so big a problem!

We at Right Angle Events offer our clients a full range of project management services. We design and build fantastic exhibitions stands for implementation worldwide. From single exhibition stand to large scale custom built multi-stands, we handle all levels of events in Melbourne and aim to deliver them with utmost perfection. Our extensive knowledge and years of experience make us event management specialists. The goal of our Event Managers is to make sure that every event leaves an impression on all the spectators. While working with our clients during all stages of the exhibitor process, from the design and build to the installation and exhibition management, our team aims to share a positive mutual vibe with our clients through these events and functions.