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January 22, 2020

How to use social media to market your event?

Social media

Social media is more effective when it comes to continued exposure to ads. With social media, the digital world gets segregated. Each social media platform attracts different kinds of users. For example, LinkedIn attracts users that might use the platform mainly to network with other business professionals mostly in the same field, while Instagram or Facebook or twitter might be used to check out new trends.


Brand message

What exactly is the brand trying to put across? This is important to keep in mind while making and creating content for viewers to see. Content is vital and must be given due importance because a viewer might choose to click and visit your ad page if the content, they see is interesting enough. With social media, one cannot post paragraphs and expect interest. Keywords and trending terms must be used to catch the eye of the viewer.



The use of hashtags to create trends is very common. Hashtags differentiate trendsetters from trend-followers. If one can create a catchy hashtag that is well accepted by their audience, they can amass a huge fan following and gain popularity with just a hashtag. This is very rare and does not happen that often, but the key is to keep trying. It is common for unexpected hashtags to garner large numbers of followers and make the hashtag creator or the page to become an overnight celebrity!


Paid Ads

Why not pay the local newspaper and send out ads to every household in the area? Well, this might be effective if you are targeting people that are likely to use the newspaper, but if your target audience is more likely to use a social media site, you should save your money and use the same money to pay for social media ad campaigns which can attract more interaction by reaching out to a specific group of people that have been identified by said platform and are likely to have an interest in your campaign. Identifying and targeting specific groups of people saves money because you do not end up paying to print out your ad in the local newspaper which could very easily go unnoticed.

Paid ads are a smart way to reach out to your target audience once you have successfully identified the target audience. This is to say that once the target audience is in sight, different social media platforms have different ad managers to assist and help target your audience. You only pay for people that have viewed your page and, only for users that have a proven interest in the same industry.


These are a few tips and tricks to help market an event on social media. To keep up with the latest trends regarding events, you can find us at or feel free to contact us by giving a call at 03 9702 9003/043 805 1134 or email us at


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