Melbourne has a more powerful and influential vibe than most people realize. It offers exclusive venues and locations to tourists, residents and corporate facilitators. Now while most event organizers try arranging events at the most popular and easily accessible venues, it is a task to secure these spots, especially if thinking of an event on a short notice and it also needs a high budget. Most events are compromised due to availability and budget and thus are relocated to venues different from the standard ones.

However, from a spectator’s perspective, coming across an advertisement for an event arrangement at those standard venues would build an expectation of the mundane events that occur now and then. Now imagine you organize your event at a ‘unique’ location where he/she has never been to or ever thought an event could be arranged at. Wouldn’t that be exciting for the audience to visit something new and unique? Even if it doesn’t really excite your audience, you can still get the best out of this location by making the most of it! Event managers might come up with themes very exclusive, suited to this particular venue and thereby win the heart of customers by providing them with ‘unique’ experience that would tend to last in their memories for a longer time.

Melbournians love being different and we love to give them that distinctive experience. We at Right Angle Events have been organizing events at exclusive and unique locations all across the city. We take pride in our history of successfully delivered events for our clients which will remain in the hearts of their spectators for a very long time. Our team engages with our clients to support them with an effective delivery of their business marketing strategy showcasing the best of their products and services. While most event organizers would oversee the outcome of an event organized at not-so-sort-after locations, we utilize these locations to deliver impactful and effective events for our clients. Our event management team is highly qualified and experienced and leave no stone unturned aiming to achieve exclusivity and uniqueness in every event, be it small scale or large depending on the requirements and goals of our clients.