Venue selection is probably the most crucial decision to be made for the success of your event. Undoubtedly, entertainment and tempting varieties of cuisine are indispensable part of any event but it is the venue that creates an outstanding and comfortable ambience for your guest to enjoy the food and entertainment.

Venue selection is essential part of event planning as there are many other tasks dependent on the same. Date of the event, booking for catering and entertainment groups all depend on the venue details. It naturally seems to be a daunting decision-making as it can be difficult to come up with options and tactics to plan a successful event.

To begin with, there are a couple of things that need to be considered primarily and need a deep insight of. Budget, number of attendees and type of event are the three main important areas to be discussed before any venue search occurs. Getting the venue of event booked in advance will clear the timeline and milestones for your event management.

Let us throw some light on few important factors to be considered in searching for the perfect venue: –

  1. Budget/Cost

Proper budgeting is the crucial aspect of any event planning. Having quotations for shortlisted venues will help in controlling the cost overheads.

  1. Location/Space specification

Location must be convenient for everyone. For attendees proximity of venue saves their travelling time and energy for enjoying the event. For planners, proper spacing or room capacity, loading/unloading amenities and accessible technical things are more sought after.

  1. Ambience

Ambience of the venue should complement theme of the event. If you come with a venue that fits in your budget but does not go completely with the agenda of the event, appropriate actions can be taken to achieve desired results.

  1. Security

Security is often overlooked but one cannot deny its importance. Security according to event perspective constitutes security personnel and use of security gadgets across the venue and proximity. Access should be given to invitees, hosts and event management personnel only

  1. Customer service

Adequate customer service support is also one of the key factors for any successful event. Timely support and respond to the needs and requirements of all is very essential.

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