For over 55 years Moomba has been one of Melbourne city’s premier annual events, and the largest free community festival in Australia. A keystone of the festival is the Moomba parade, bringing together 1300 performers including over 50 community groups to celebrate alongside 7 floats, with audiences of up to 100,000.

Right Angle Events have had a long history of involvement with the Moomba festival and parade, with Bryn Skilbeck being engaged in the role of event manager of the Moomba festival in its entirety in 2006, and Right Angle Events taking on Operations Management of the parade from 2008.

Operations management of the parade is a multi-faceted project, involving coordination of a huge number of different performers, school groups and community groups. Alongside this runs the detailed logistical planning of movement of huge intricately created floats and large scale props, plus the organisation of hundreds of costumes and hand props all whilst maintaining a safe, low risk environment for all participants and staff. The Right Angle operations team work closely with the Moomba parade creative team, production manager and the Moomba festival operations manager.

Right Angle Events also provide a large staffing contingent to the Moomba parade; over 130 Right Angle Staff make up key stage management, drivers, marshal and crew positions.