How to create ultimate event media wall

A media wall is often the first thing that your guests have to participate with you or your client’ brand, so it’s important to consider it very carefully. Always think about something different and unique to attract your guest. The hottest thing in media walls right now are all about surprises and delight. There are few things which need to be considered to attract more people and get thousand likes and tweets.

  • Choose the best: Try to work with the best, working with experienced event manager or event wall supplier means that you will get the finest quality finished product that looks cool and attractive.
  • Consider your budget: Don’t forget to consider your budget. Will your media wall be a single use item or it is needed for several events in a short period of time? Think about the walls that provides the versatility.
  • Consider hashtags: Every product launch needs good hashtags. Media wall is the perfect place to give it right position- It’s a great way to remind your guest to use it.
  • Experienced Photographer: Experienced photographer will make the difference. They know the lighting and appropriate angel for the media walls. Set up your media wall bit early so they can play around.
  • Design for the wall: Make sure you get the perfect design and logo for your media wall. Short length walls are great for solo shots of guests, but if you know group photos are on the agenda, play it safe by opting for a longer wall.

We have given you some food for thought, Call Right Angle Events if you would like to discuss it further!!