Organising a large-scale event with a moving target was no easy feat, but we put our walking shoes on and got going.



The Cancer Council’s ‘Walking Stars’ Charity Walk, a large-scale event gathering 2000 participants, appeared effortless on the surface after six months of meticulous planning. However, the seamless operation of this 21-kilometre walk demanded careful organisation and attention to detail. Right Angle Events took charge of all aspects of the event, from route mapping and supplier bookings to volunteer management and emergency operations, ensuring a successful and memorable experience for clients and participants.

Detailed Planning and Organisation:

Right Angle Events spearheaded the detailed planning and organisation required to execute the ‘Walking Stars’ Charity Walk flawlessly:

  • Route Mapping and Permissions: The team meticulously mapped out the 21-kilometre walking route, ensuring its safety and accessibility for participants. All necessary permissions were obtained to hold the event.
  • Supplier Management: Right Angle Events expertly booked and coordinated various suppliers, including staging services for live entertainment by DJs, a glitter bar, first aid facilities, bathrooms, and food trucks for the village area.
  • Volunteer Coordination: A dedicated team of 250 volunteers was recruited and organised by Right Angle Events, ensuring smooth volunteer management and seamless event operations.
  • Security Arrangements: The team sourced and coordinated 56 security personnel to maintain a secure environment during the 8 pm walk.
  • Completion of Paperwork: Right Angle Events ensured all necessary paperwork and sign-offs from engineers were completed well in advance of the event.
  • Village Area Design and Facilities:
  • The ‘Walking Stars’ Charity Walk’s village area was thoughtfully designed by Right Angle Events to cater to participants’ needs and comfort:
  • Live Entertainment: A stage was set up to host live entertainment by DJs, infusing energy and enthusiasm throughout the event.
  • First Aid and Facilities: A well-organised first aid tent, bathrooms, and other essential facilities were provided for the participants’ convenience.

Registrations and Baggage Zone:

  • A smooth registration process and secure baggage zone were arranged for seamless event check-ins.
  • Food Trucks and Drinking Stations: Right Angle Events arranged for food trucks to cater to participants’ dining needs, along with strategically positioned drinking stations along the route.

Emergency Operations Centre:

  • Right Angle Events established an Emergency Operations Centre, functioning as the organisational hub during the event:
  • On-Site Presence: A team of 23 Right Angle Events staff members was present on-site to oversee all operations and promptly address any issues that arose.
  • Security and First Aid: The Emergency Operations Centre housed security personnel, first aid facilities, and a dedicated emergency team to ensure participant safety.


The ‘Walking Stars’ Charity Walk was a testament to Right Angle Events’ expertise and dedication to planning and executing large-scale events. With meticulous organisation and attention to every detail, the event ran seamlessly, providing participants with a fantastic experience for a great cause. Right Angle Events’ commitment to excellence ensured a memorable event that supported the Cancer Council’s cause and left clients and participants with lasting impressions.