Our brief was to transform part of the MCG into a lush, relaxing, on-brand event space.


When tasked with creating a unique and on-brand event space at the MCG, Right Angle Events embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. Collaborating with MTKG and Great Southern Bank, our team crafted a stylish and lush relaxation area that left a lasting impression on attendees. This case study highlights our project management expertise, custom design work, and seamless event delivery, resulting in a successful brand activation.

Creating the On-Brand Event Space:

  • Right Angle Events approached the transformation of the MCG with creativity and precision:
  • Custom-built Event Space: Our team, adeptly dubbed the “carpentry ninjas,” skillfully constructed a bespoke event space, turning a pocket of the MCG into a lavish and relaxing oasis.
  • Stylish Ambiance: We curated a captivating ambiance by adding on-brand bar stools, luxurious couches, and elegant tables, creating an inviting atmosphere for attendees.
  • Lush Greenery: To enhance the sense of tranquility, we adorned the space with abundant verdant greenery, contributing to the oasis-like feel.
  • Brand Integration: To maintain brand cohesion, we strategically placed yellow footballs and Great Southern Bank-branded football lockers, seamlessly integrating the event’s theme.
  • Engaging Technology: An electronic screen was installed, adding an interactive element to the space and showcasing relevant brand content.
  • On-Brand Gift Bags:
  • In line with the setting, Right Angle Events carefully curated on-brand gift bags for attendees, providing a thoughtful touch and leaving a lasting impression.

Services Provided by Right Angle Events:

  • Our team provided comprehensive event management services, showcasing our expertise:
  • Project Management: We diligently oversaw all aspects of the event, ensuring seamless coordination between all stakeholders.
  • Design and Print Work Management: Right Angle Events handled the design and print work, guaranteeing a consistent and visually appealing brand presentation.
  • Event Staffing: Our skilled event staff played a key role in delivering a flawless event, ensuring every detail was executed to perfection.
  • Event Delivery: From setup to execution, Right Angle Events flawlessly delivered the event, creating a memorable experience for all attendees.


Right Angle Events successfully transformed the MCG into a stunning and on-brand relaxation space for MTKG and Great Southern Bank’s brand activation. Our creative approach, attention to detail, and expertise in project management were instrumental in the event’s success. The inviting ambiance, engaging technology, and carefully curated gift bags left a lasting impression on attendees, reinforcing the strength of the collaboration between Right Angle Events and our clients. With yet another successful event under our belt, our team takes great pride in delivering exceptional brand activations and showcasing our commitment to excellence.