Celebrate the end of the year in style with this Corporate Family Day for Opal Fibre Packaging staff and families.

Opal Fibre Packaging, a leading packaging company, entrusted Right Angle Events to plan and execute their much-awaited Staff Family Day. With a challenging landscape due to the resurgence of events in 2022, Right Angle Events rose to the occasion by securing top suppliers and ensuring a successful event. This case study highlights the services provided by Right Angle Events, the collaborations with esteemed amusement providers, and the seamless execution of the Staff Family Day.

Challenges in 2022 Events:

With the return of events in 2022, securing commitment from regular suppliers and coordinating various events presented a significant challenge. Right Angle Events took on the task of overcoming these hurdles to deliver an exceptional experience for Opal Fibre Packaging and their staff.

Collaboration with Top Suppliers:

To ensure the Staff Family Day’s success, Right Angle Events collaborated with reputable amusement providers, including Action Events, Show Time Attractions, and Custom Event Solutions. The event featured delightful entertainers and energetic music by the renowned Mik Maks, adding an extra layer of excitement to the celebration.

Services Provided by Right Angle Events:

Right Angle Events offered comprehensive event management services, taking care of every detail to create a memorable experience:

  • Creative Branding: Right Angle Events crafted invites in line with Opal Fibre Packaging’s branding guidelines, setting the tone for the event.
  • Venue Management: The team efficiently booked and managed all venue requirements at the prestigious Melbourne Showgrounds, ensuring a perfect setting for the day’s festivities.
  • Thoughtful Gifting: Right Angle Events sourced and purchased children’s gifts from Santa, bringing joy to the little ones at the event.
  • Print Collateral: The team designed and produced food tokens, gift tokens, and directional signage, ensuring smooth navigation for attendees.
  • Supplier Sourcing and Coordination: Right Angle Events liaised with multiple suppliers, ensuring seamless coordination and adherence to the event’s vision.
  • Menu Planning: The team curated a delightful catering menu, catering to the diverse tastes of attendees.
  • Licencing and Compliance: Right Angle Events handled Apra Licencing and meticulously ensured compliance to create a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • Budget Management: The event’s budget was effectively managed, optimizing resources without compromising on quality.
  • Skilled Event Staffing: Right Angle Events provided an experienced event staffing team to oversee the event day’s smooth execution.

Results and Success:

Opal Fibre Packaging’s Staff Family Day was an overwhelming success, leaving a lasting impact on staff and their families. The event’s seamless execution, engaging activities, and thoughtful planning garnered praise from all attendees.


Opal Fibre Packaging’s Staff Family Day was a testament to the expertise and dedication of Right Angle Events. By securing top suppliers, managing every aspect of the event, and delivering a remarkable experience, Right Angle Events played a pivotal role in creating cherished memories for Opal Fibre Packaging and their staff. The collaboration exemplified the power of proficient event management in overcoming challenges and achieving excellence in the realm of corporate celebrations.