Melbourne’s newest Father’s Day tradition, the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run is a fun run like no other.


The YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run was an inspiring event that aimed to raise funds and build resilience in young people, particularly those struggling with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. As the event planning and delivery partner, we took on the responsibility of organising a memorable and engaging fun run, inviting everyone to walk, run, and play around the 5km or 10km courses. This case study highlights the comprehensive event services we provided, ensuring a successful and impactful event.

Event Planning and Delivery Services:

Right Angle Events meticulously planned and delivered the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run, offering a range of services to create a meaningful and enjoyable experience:

  • Course Design and Set-up: We designed both the 5km and 10km courses, ensuring scenic routes that encouraged participation and fostered a sense of community.
  • On-Course Entertainment: To keep participants motivated and engaged, we curated on-course entertainment, offering surprises and lively activities throughout the run.
  • Fundraising and Cause Integration: Our team integrated the important cause of building resilience in young people struggling with mental illnesses into the event’s core message and fundraising efforts.
  • Event Logistics: From venue selection to securing necessary permits, we handled all event logistics, ensuring a smooth and safe fun run for all attendees.
  • Registration and Participant Management: We set up an efficient registration system, simplifying the process for participants to sign up and join the event.
  • Sponsorship and Fundraising: To maximize fundraising efforts, we collaborated with sponsors and supporters, fostering strong partnerships to support the cause.
  • Volunteer Coordination: Our team recruited and managed volunteers, ensuring a well-organized event day with ample support for participants.

Impact and Success:

The YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run was met with enthusiastic participation and impactful results:

  • Community Engagement: The event saw an enthusiastic response from individuals and families alike, coming together to support the cause and build resilience in young people.
  • Fundraising Achievement: Thanks to the collaborative efforts of participants, sponsors, and supporters, the event successfully raised funds to support vital mental health programs for youth.
  • Awareness and Advocacy: By raising awareness about mental health issues, the fun run helped break the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, fostering open conversations about mental health.
  • Family Fun and Camaraderie: Participants experienced a fun-filled day with their loved ones, promoting family bonding and community camaraderie.


The YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of a community coming together for a meaningful cause. As the event planning and delivery partner, we took pride in creating a memorable and engaging experience for participants while supporting the crucial mission of building resilience in young people facing mental health challenges. The impact of the fun run extended beyond the event day, leaving a positive imprint on participants and inspiring continued advocacy for mental health support and awareness.