Finding a sponsor is one of the major promotional activities while planning an event whether it’s a big international market, fundraising event for your NGO or a start-up party. Sponsors can help you in various numbers of ways by reducing the cost of your event, increasing the number of attendees and improving the user experience.  Finding a right sponsor is a tricky task. How can you convince them that they are doing the right investment?  Let’s have a look at the main step you should follow to find the best sponsor for your next event!!

Understand who your target audience isFinding out your audience is the first step to choose the right sponsor for your event. Defining your audience will help you finding the sponsor that want to reach that specific audience. Once you have decided your audience start looking for companies and local business that could be interested in reaching it. Make sure that you remember the main reasons why companies should sponsor your events:

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Improve/ Build brand reputation
  • Boost Visibility

Reach Out your Prospective SponsorsNow that you know who are the prospective sponsors to contact, get on the phone and blast emails to publicise your event as a unique opportunity for them. If you are planning to call them, start with a short introduction, explaining them the type of event you are planning, main focus of the event and the audience you want to reach and how they will benefit from it.  If they sound interesting explain them every aspect and try to impress them with some fresh and different ideas to promote their brand.

Same strategy applies in the case of email be short, concise and focus on the benefits for the companies. Try to customise your emails and make them easily understandable. If in past you have organised an event with sponsor, attach a list of sponsors and a detail description of the target audience you would like to reach.

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