Event registration is an important activity for event planning. Right Angle Events knows how exhausting and time consuming the event planning activities can be. Event registration is the first point of contact for your attendees. Event planners shouldn’t overlook the ticketing and registration process as an unorganized event registration could leave a bad impression on your attendees.

To be able to make the most of the event, it is essential to sell most tickets. It is important to have the registration form on your website itself, so that the attendees do not have to go on a third party website for a simple registration. Around 30-50% people do not register for an event if they have been redirected to another website to make the purchase.

Another way of making the most out of the event registration is through showcasing past events so that you can get them excited about the events. Along with the past events, you can also present behind the scenes and preparation videos for the event.

Creating a registration form which is short and concise is more effective. However, while keep the registration form short, one shouldn’t miss out on any special requests such as food allergies, physical assistance and accessibility/parking spaces.

The event registration also involves the attendee check-in experience. Check-in experience has to be extremely warm. There shouldn’t be a long wait time for check-in and double check that the software used for checking the tickets work seamlessly. Along with this, leave ample of signs (especially in the corners) for navigation inside, outside and around the venue location. Venue guides should be given at the starting so the attendees know what to expect and where all the amenities are located. Finally, have a backup plan ready in case things don’t go the way you plan it, which will help to run the event smoothly.

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