What takes an event from being a basic event to an exciting event to remember for life? The pleasing as many senses as possible. Yes, you heard that right! It is a simple tip to know but a complex one when we start planning an event. It is believed that audiences who are able to engage more senses in a space are able keep the event memory for a longer period of time. Two of the easiest senses to work around for an event planner are the sense of sight and the sense of hearing. Audio visuals are a rich way of communication which can either make or break an event. When these are used in a combination, it ensures a better engagement of audiences with the event.

When on a tight budget, audio visual is a component which offers a high return on investment to achieve the pleasing aesthetic and tone for your event vision. Audio visual is a component where you can go as creative as you want and share a practical, exciting space with your audience. Some of the key things to consider when audio visuals are the location of the event- if it is outdoors or indoors, if some area in space needs to be highlighted for display purposes, the clear mood and vision that you want to create and if the audio visuals will also consist of entertainment.

Projection mapping is one such popular audio visual technique which helps to create an enticing space. Projection mapping, a technique which projects content on 2D surfaces or objects helps to heighten the senses of your audience. Projection mapping has helped to build some really exciting events, arts performances and conferences worldwide as it brings the multimedia content alive.

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