Social industry and online strategy has great affect on the event industry. Instead of just focusing  solely on days of the events, exhibitions and conferences,  it is also very important to consider pre and post event activity and communication. Treat an event as a campaign, not a single standalone event that begins when the delegates arrive and finishes when they leave. The importance of pre and post activity is same as event itself.

The influence of social media on the events industry cannot be ignored. Interaction before, during and after event will almost certainly include social media presence. The use of hash tag (#) campaign for every event is highly recommended as it brings sense of community to an event both unique and timely. Live tweeting during an event encourages delegates to reply and interact with you and talking the event outside the walls of the venue. This will maximise the exposure and will create interest in the event and create new possible delegates for any related or subsequent events. Live streaming is powerful tool that allows those who were unable to attend the event and benefit from its content.

Post event interaction is the most important of all. Gaining the feedback is invaluable. Don’t forget to address the criticism. If some part of the event experience negativity knowing this will help you to do the things a little differently next time.

Organising and managing this interaction as well as planning the event; its structure, content and guest list can be a complicated task for the event planner. By connecting an experienced and professional event management team you will ensure all the elements of your event are taken care of.

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