The marketing team of an event management company aims to reach out the audiences with each and every possible way. The marketers are inclining towards event management technology to promote their events and undoubtedly technology in event management industry is moving beyond its planning and management roles into brand-constructing role to generate leads.

There are mainly five technical essentials that must be considered to support marketing strategies for event management:

  1. Mobile Applications

With technical advancements it has become easier to integrate various gadgets to company’s management platform. There should be an integrated mobile application feature which allows you to deploy a customised mobile application for every event without any delay.

  1. Potential Lead Intelligence

Data about audiences of events can be helpful in bringing more business for the event management company. Attendees’ data can be processed to analyse their likes and dislikes and their behaviors can be transformed into event engagement and interest statistics which in turn can be helpful in optimizing sales and marketing of future events.

This is possible if the event management is well equipped with technologies to capture attendee’ profile, its engagement in event and interests which is then compared and analysed with the data accumulated over a good period of time with the help of automated marketing systems. Over all outcomes will project accurate picture of each individual client and its unique requirements.

  1. Appointments

Deeper engagement between all event stakeholders and right participants can be empowered by self-scheduled and automated “matched” appointments services. This aspect of technology can significantly enhance the overall experience of your event by involving audiences, powering networking and accelerating business growth.

  1. Personalised Views of Events

Clients do not like to be treated like a number and likely their guests/attendees do not want to be served up a one-size-fits-all experience. Event management company should provide a platform to all its customers where they can acquire a sight of the event as per based on their terms.

In nut shell, a centralized resource should be provided which is specifically designed to match their profiles and event goals and accessing their personal agenda, travel details and other relevant information.

  1. MAI (Marketing Automation Integration)

Marketing involves a lot of investment and nearly one-third of it is done on events. Maximum return on this investment should be tracked properly. Event managers should integrate event management and marketing automation system tools to use all the data generated before, during and after the event for enhancing the lead-to-revenue cycle. It boosts the effectiveness and success rate of the event itself.

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