Sustainable event management is the art of organising events while keeping the carbon footprint low. From the materials used at the venue to cleaning processes applied for after event cleaning and all the activities in between, Right Angle Events provides tips to organize an event in a sustainable way, so you make your own contribution to protect the environment.

Materials used
The materials used to organise the event have a huge impact on the environment in many ways. The food procedures, materials used to make any structural changes to the venue and all other processes can take a toll on the environment. A life cycle assessment is a great way to make a conscious decision on the use of materials and using eco-friendly materials is also a good starting point. For instance, an event with barbecue, electric grills can be used to provide smoke free heat to minimise pollution.

Waste disposal
The process used to dispose off waste post event can make many irreversible changes to the environment. Use the waste hierarchy guidelines to minimise wastes at the point of generation. Use of plastics should be kept at low as possible, but considering man’s dependency on the substance, we should expect some plastic waste. Any chemical waste should be disposed off in the correct manner by meeting environmental regulations.

Spread awareness
While organising a sustainable event, one must market the environmental measures as this will lead to more general awareness in people and an appreciation for efforts made to conserve the environment. Spreading awareness would lead to more sustainable event in the future as it shows efforts beyond the usual event management activities. Others in the business may start doing the same which benefits the environment in a huge way while creating a demand for such events in the future.

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