Selecting the perfect location for your exhibition booth can significantly impact your success at trade shows and events. A prime spot can attract more attendees, enhance engagement, and generate valuable leads. At Right Angle Events, we understand the importance of strategic booth placement and offer seamless planning and delivery to help you make the most of your exhibition experience.

  1. Avoid the Entrance Hustle:

While it may seem tempting to position your booth right at the entrance, it can often be too crowded and overwhelming for attendees. Instead, opt for a location slightly further in, where visitors have settled and are ready to explore. Right Angle Events helps you identify an optimal spot that balances visibility with attendee comfort.

  1. Seek Intersections for Visibility:

Booths located at intersections where multiple traffic flows meet can provide excellent visibility from various angles. This strategic positioning increases the chances of attendees stopping and engaging with your booth. Our event planning experts can guide you in identifying these prime locations.

  1. Proximity to Amenities Matters:

Selecting a booth near essential amenities such as cafes and restrooms can be advantageous. These spots witness a steady stream of traffic and engaged attendees, creating more opportunities for interaction and brand exposure.

  1. Leverage Big Brands:

Positioning your booth near big brands and sponsors can attract additional traffic and attention. However, it is essential to ensure that their presence does not overshadow your booth. Our team at Right Angle Events can help you find a location that complements your brand and message without being overshadowed.

  1. Carefully Consider Your Competition:

While being close to competitors can create healthy competition, it requires a strategic approach. If your booth stands out and offers unique value, being close to competitors can be advantageous. Otherwise, our experts can identify alternative locations that maximize your impact.

Partner with Right Angle Events for Seamless Exhibition Planning:

At Right Angle Events, we specialise in creating seamless event experiences, including exhibition planning and booth placement. Our expertise in strategic booth positioning ensures that you secure the most advantageous location to maximize your event outcomes. By partnering with us, you can generate revenue, attract prospects, and make a lasting impression at trade shows and exhibitions.


Selecting the best location for your exhibition booth is a critical aspect of event success. By avoiding entrance congestion, seeking intersections for visibility, and leveraging key amenities and big brands, you can enhance engagement and generate meaningful leads. With Right Angle Events by your side, you can be confident in making strategic decisions for your exhibition booth location. To explore more trends and insights regarding events, visit us at https://rightangleevents.com.au/. Feel free to contact us at 03 9702 9003/043 805 1134 or via email at info@rightangleevents.com.au. Let us elevate your exhibition experience to new heights!