Right Angle provides full audio visual production management in Melbourne for small meetings, exhibitions, awards nights, conference etc. Our services include but are not limited to:
• Concept design & 3D visualisations
Concept design &3D visualisation is an important and powerful tool for designers which help them to have a clear and realistic understanding of the design. At Right Angle we aim to provide the cost efficient.

• Stage design and construction
At Right Angle we always focus on Event theme so as to design the stage according to the theme of the event. Our team always develops the designs with perfect backdrop for any conference, awards or medium to large scale corporate production.
• Show Calling
Show calling is the center for the success of events. It is also known as Technical Director. Show callers are experienced and seasoned in events and able to interpret the event director or event managers brief and deliver. A good Show Caller can turn up to an event “cold”, be briefed and then “direct traffic” to deliver the event.
• Stage Management
Stage is a part of attraction that always comes with the new challenges with every event. A stage manager must have the temperament and ability to get along with people in both the artistic and technical sides of theatre and to understand what they do. At Right Angle all our stage managers are good planners and organisers. They all are good at prioritizing and multitasking and handle the situation very calmly under pressure and in a crisis.
• Speaker liaison
Right Angle will contact speakers, once approved and advised by the organising committee to ensure contact details are correct and to confirm (as the program is approved) details of their presentation (time, date, location). We also provide on-site services and support for speakers. We always believes that maintaining regular and timely contact with speakers are crucial for a Successful events.
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