Want to be a Festival/Event Organiser like Right Angle Events?

If you really want to be a festival oragniser and want to excel your career in this field. Then there are few tips for you to follow:

  • If you are doing it for money then forget it now: If making profit is your top priority then you will be disappointed and so will be the public that come to your event, but if you have the passion of organising events and enjoying the work side by side then you will get best out of it and your success will shine through.
  • Small is beautiful: Organising your staff and growing in a sustainable way will help you to have solid foundation to grow, develop good relationship with your team, contractors and your clients.
  • Find a niche in the market:  There are now 1000’s of festivals each summer, all of them doing very similar things. Make sure you come with something different that standout’s and cover all the angles.
  • Be ready for everything: We are in Melbourne and weather is really unpredictable so be prepare for bad weather. Make sure your site for the event can handle adverse weather conditions or have a backup plan. Having a site manger can be a better option as he has the experience to deal with the worst condition.
  • Make friends with your neighbours: Festivals has great impact on the local community. Make sure you have a good one. Engage and involve the people in your area and get them on your side, it will make your life easier when you need support with your event license.
  • Why?  Ask yourself seriously, why you want to be a event organiser.
  • Make sure you have a proper cash flow: Festivals are the brilliant and easiest way to lose a lot of money very quickly. Cash flow is really important. Make sure your finances are always in place and you have a proper budget and cash flow that you stick to.

Event Management comprises of wide range of professional services along with safety and risk analysis and site management services, delivering these services to corporate, local government, music, sports, artistic business and community organisations within the area you would like to cover.

Love what you do!! If you would like to have a chat about event management, feel free to contact us!!